Cambodia Management Intern

Mr. Matthew Boyd has finished his stint as in-country management intern and returned to the U.S. To take over his duties we have brought on Mr. Tyler Jorgensen. Tyler is a former Cambodia LDS missionary  and currently a secondary education major at Idaho State University. He, like Matt, is bilingual in English and Khmer. He has interests in photography, videography, and is an accomplished Yo-Yo artist!

Thanks to Matt for all his efforts in helping launch the project in Cambodia!

As of April 10, 2016 we have collected approximately 42 interviews, including eight video interviews. A few audio segments have been posted on under the interview tab at this site. We are seeking volunteers with the following skills to help process the interviews:

  • Khmer audio transcription
  • Khmer to English translation
  • Technical editing of audio (including enhancement)
  • Final editing of Khmer and English transcripts

In addition, the project is looking for a bilingual (Khmer-English) intern to work in Phnom Penh for about six months. Airfare and basic living stipend provided.

Prospective volunteers and internship candidates should contact Prof. Dana Bourgerie at cambodia [dot] lead [at] byu [dot] edu or bourgerie@byu.