Project Personnel

Project  Director

Prof. Dana Bourgerie. Asian and Near Eastern Languages Chair. Contact: bourgerie [at] byu [dot] edu or cambodia [dot] lead [at] byu [dot] edu.

Technical  Lead

Dr. Brian Croxall. Office of Digital Humanities

Cambodia Coordinator

KEO Somaly

Project Assistants

Thomas Anthony (interview data management)
Jeremy Hills (Technical support, data management)
Whitney Haddock (volunteers and media)
Allison McIllece (Internship coordination)
LENG Theary (Khmer language editor)
PEN Seyon (Khmer language editor)
Elizabeth Anderson (data management, translating assistance)


Dr. Scott Miller, College of Humanities Dean

BYU Faculty and Staff Group

Prof. Matthew Ancell (Interdisciplinary Humanities)
Prof. Jill Rudy (Folklore)
Prof. Christopher “Chip” Oscarson (Comparative Studies and Interdisciplinary Humanities
Shane Harrison (Office of Information Technology)


Ken and Salli Hollenzer (Portland, OR). Former Cambodia Family History Missionaries
Vichit Ith (Phnom Penh and Singapore) French Cambodian Businessman
Matthew Boyd


We would like to thank all our who have volunteers, who are contributing their time and talents to help this project succeed. If you would like to volunteer please follow this link: Volunteer!

Braxton Allred
Thomas Anthony
Spencer Asay
Rose Badell
Lyle Brewer
Bryan Brittain
Melody Brown
Morgan Carter
Lux Chekomi
Haley Christiansen
Sara Clark
Jordan Denkers
Arthur Diaz
John Michael Duffy
Jacob Elieson
Stetler Eppley
Christian Fowler
Tanner Garlick
Peter Garrow
Alexander Hall
Wyatt Hall
Alex Hall
Elijah Harmon
McKall Harris
Alyse Hartley
Joshua Hawkins
Jeremy Hills
Jordan Johnson
Braden Johnson
Samnang Kang
Somaly Keo
Jared Lambert
Parker Lauritzen
Zoe Loftus
Andreas Martinsson
Daniel McKinley
Wilford Merrill
Tyler Mickelson
Braedon Murdock
Mitch Neuberger
Zachary Olsen
Sam Osborne
Emily Pace
Amreth Phirun
Edward Plothow
Chhinn Pov
Russell Reeves
Johnny Ros
Sam Sareivattanak
Peter Schleede
Shay Schwab
Kara Sheffield
Dallin Slavens
Mikalyn Smith
David Sorensen
Rylee Spangler
Alec Taylor
Micheala Uresk
Davith (David) Vann
Blair Wu
Melia Young